Robotics Camps

We host beginner robotics camps to teach kids 9-12 about robotics! In the 3 day camp they will learn to build and program LEGO robots from scratch

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Our next camp is scheduled! 

April 6-8, 2023 from 10AM-12PM

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Build a Robot

Program it

Solve Challenges

Work As A Team

Have Fun!

Robotics Camp

Learn about Robotics and go through the Engineering Process to complete challenges and have a fun time while doing it! This camp is designed for complete beginners - people who have never touched a robot in their lives. We are aiming for kids ages 9-12. We will be using Lego Mindstorms technology with the curriculum based on the First Lego League Program. 

Our team is a High School level robotics team. We build our robot to complete tasks and compete against other robots. Through FIRST Inspires, we aim to help younger children to get interested in robotics to set up their future for success. This camp will cost $75, which directly goes to our team to help us with the annual expenses that come with building a robot and competing.

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